People cultivating the future of Aomori

The Transcendent Drummer
Birthplace: Kuroishi-city, Aomori
Gender: Male
Variety: Sunfuji
Height: About 170cm
Weight: Equivalent to 3 wooden boxes filled with apples
Age: 7 years old
Drumming Experience: About 2 years
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Favorite Food: Black Tiger Prawn

How Nyangostar was created…

Nyangostar- Please tell us how Nyangostar was created.

Nyango use to be a white cat named Shiro which was owned by an apple farming family in Aomori Prefecture. It died of some disease and its ashes seemed to be buried in the apple field. Several years later, red apples were grown on the grandfather (the old tree) of the apple field, and one of the apples fell off the tree (I got the scar on my face by this) and gradually became the shape of a cat…that seems to be how Nyangostar was born.
Nyango (which is me) is actually Shiro, and wants the owner to notice it, but as I am a red cat and no one believes I’m Shiro.
I was faced with a terrible dilemma, but one day the grandfather of the apple field taught me how I would be able to become a white cat again. He said, “Enhance the power by making children all over Japan happy. Then visit the Hollywood hills and release the power so that you can become a white cat again.”
I didn’t know how I was able to make children happy, and was faced with a new dilemma, but when I saw my owner playing a drum (His drum experience:17 years), I thought “This is it!”. I thought I should become a rock star and visit the USA to become a white cat again. Currently I’m busy touring all over Japan.

Nyangostar- You are very popular as the transcendent drummer. What’s your favorite genre?

I have a large repertoire of rock music, but I play all genres of music when I like them. My favorite is Heavy Metal. I was honored to be able to meet my idols such as Yoshiki of “X Japan”, Shinya in “LUNA SEA”, and Funassy. There are many drummers I respect including Akira Jimbo, Kozo Suganuma, Shane Gaalaas, Pat Torpey, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison, and Aquiles Priester.
Other than playing a drum, I’m good at dancing Cossacks. I’ve danced it in front of people once. I also like professional wrestling and martial arts, so I want to do them someday as well as dance although I don’t really exercise. I want to try many things.

Aomori-prefecture is a comfortable and pleasant place to live.

Nyangostar- You are visiting all over Japan and promoting the charms of Aomori-prefecture. What’s the charms of Aomori for you?

Aomori is really comfortable and pleasant place to live. It’s blessed with abundant nature and you can enjoy delicious food. As I was born in Kuroishi-city, I like Nijinoko and the Komise Street. Also, I love the sceneries of Aomori. As I’m not good at hot weather, I prefer winter, but I’m not good at cold weather either.
As for food…I love apples. My favorite is Sunfuji – with the hard texture.
I like fish caught in Aomori. Hot Jappa-jiru you eat in winter is the best! I love prawn and crabs.
I also love rice produced in Aomori. I ate “Seiten-no-hekireki” which was succulent and delicious.
I usually eat “Roman (Tsugaru Roman)”. I felt “Seiten-no-hekireki” was a little sweeter, but both are delicious. Aomori rice is delicious! As my family is also producing rice, I love Aomori rice the best.
I have many fun and kind friends such as Nyamotan, Momii, Tsuyu-Yakisoban, Takekko-kun, Ya-ya-kun, and Doppy-kun.

Cheering People up While Promoting Aomori-Prefecture

Nyangostar- Aomori-prefecture is working on the project to promote the values what Aomori-prefecture produces, under the slogan of “Our goal is to establish the world-class Aomori Brands by 2030”. We believe you are doing the same thing with us.

My top priority is making everyone happy to become a white cat again, because my goal is to become a white cat again. However, I’ll try to promote Aomori-prefecture which is my hometown.
I love Aomori apples, and want to make them known all over the world! I haven’t visited all parts of Japan, and would like to visit all 47 prefectures from this year. I want to go overseas as well!
I’ll try to cheer everyone up as well as promoting Aomori-prefecture. I also hope people in Aomori will pursue what they love and keep doing them. As they keep doing what they love, those things can turn into Aomori brands.

- The Aomori Brand Forum is going to be held on February 12, and Nyangostar will appear on it.
This will be our final question. Please tell us your expectation to the forum.

I’m very much looking forward to it because I’ll be able to see various people there.
I’ll try my best to promote Aomori-prefecture by finding what I can do.
Everyone, please come to support me.
Let’s make Aomori-prefecture as the place “Good to buy, good to visit, and good to live in”.



At Tsugaru Apple Market & Ringo Work Institute in Itayanagi-machi, Aomori