People cultivating the future of Aomori

Representative director, CEO of Qlock Up Co., Ltd.

Koichi Nakamura Representative director, CEO of Qlock Up Co., Ltd.

I was working for an advertising agency in Tokyo. My father was running a hospital and nursing-care facilities in Aomori Prefecture, but passed away 15 years ago. Then my mother who succeeded his business also passed away 10 years ago. I felt “Local healthcare and long-term care service jobs are so meaningful in the society” and “They shouldn’t be closed down just because no one is taking over the business”. So I decided to quit my job in Tokyo and moved back to Aomori for the employees, residents, and for the community.


The Transcendent Drummer

Nyango use to be a white cat named Shiro which was owned by an apple farming family in Aomori Prefecture. It died of some disease and its ashes seemed to be buried in the apple field.

thumbnail:Shunjo Nagaok

Shunjo Nagaoka
Ikasu Ohata Kadaru Group Head

It all started in 2011. When I returned my hometown from Tokyo, the region was losing population, the shopping street was run down and the whole town looked lifeless. Since I was in advertising in Tokyo, I thought I could do something to make younger generations feel proud of their hometown. So next year I organized the volunteer group called “Ikasu Ohata Kadaru Group ” with my friends to liven up out town.

thumbnail:Atsushi Kogawa

Atsushi Kogawa
Hachinohe Hama Relation Project Director

“Hachinohe Hama Relation Project” was organized in July 2011, with volunteer members who are involved in the marine products industry, and people from various industries aiming to connect Hama (marine products industry are) and town people, and make a new value to liven up Hachinohe.