Aomori Brand Story Vol. 3 The Participants So Far

The groups which participated in the past Aomori Brand Forum presentations reported their activities after the forums
and their thoughts of the future to encourage the presentation participants of this year.

Aomori Prefecture Black Garlic Association

Mr. Hiroshi FurukawaAomori Prefecture Black Garlic Association
<Mr. Hiroshi Furukawa>
In this Aomori Brand Forum, I enjoyed Izumi & Suenaga couple’s heartwarming talk, was amazed by the drum skill of “Nyangostar” and laughed hard by Tsuruta Hagemasu Kai. I was also overwhelmed by the wonderful presentations including the projects of Rice Field Art, Sansha Taisai, Shimokita Geopark, Mamasa Project which is the winner of “The 1st Aomori Brand Presentation” and the presentations of 7 groups under the theme of “Winter in Aomori”.
I was moved, felt so proud and dependable by knowing there were so many people who cared about Aomori and would work on to promote Aomori.
We, Aomori Prefecture Black Garlic Association will also try harder to promote “Aomori Black Garlic” around the world.
September 6 is Black Garlic Day. We’ll hold “World Black Garlic Summit in Hachinohe” again this year, for people all over the world to offer an opportunity to enjoy “Aomori Black Garlic”.
Oh, by the way thank you for serving the wonderful dishes using black garlic at the gathering time!
We’ll keep trying our best to be known as one of the major Aomori Brand!

Cooperative Union Aomori Prefecture Black Garlic Association
158 Kizaki, Oirase-cho, Kamikita-gun, Aomori 039-2127 Japan
TEL:0178-56-5317 FAX:0178-56-5432

Aomori Mamasa Project

Ms. Yukari Yoshida
Aomori Mamasa Project
<Ms. Yukari Yoshida>
By listening to the participants’ presentations which had different opinions from various perspectives, I felt their love toward Aomori. I was able to realize again the sources and possibilities of Aomori Prefecture, and hope they won’t be wasted and would be practically utilized.
Aomori Mamasa Project will keep promoting delicious Aomori-produced rice and rice balls made of ingredients produced in Aomori as “Aomori Brand” around the world. Thank you for your support.

Tsuruta Hagemasu Kai

Tsuruta Hagemasu KaiMr. Teijiro Sugo
<Mr. Teijiro Sugo>
In the presentation at Aomori Brand Forum held in Novermber 2014, Tsuruta Hagemasu Kai (Tsurutamachi, Aomori Prefecture) promised to “work on to become the global mecca of baldheads”. To take a step forward, we organized “Baldhead Awards” and arbitrarily awarded prizes to the bald headed people who were active in the world. It was held at the spring regular meeting in February 2015 which was 3 months after Aomori Brand Forum.
In 2015, we also hosted “Selecting Japan’s strongest baldhead! An exciting game – The 1st Tug-of-War National Contest” which was the domestic championship to organize the world baldheads game “Tsurulympic (tentative name)”. In 2016, we published “Baldhead Senryu”, and are steadily making progress step by step to become “The global mecca of baldheads”.
“The light of baldhead is the light of peace – it lights up the gloomy world.”
We will keep sending the light of peace to the whole world from Tsurutamachi, Aomori!