Food Presentation of Aomori EARTH, WATER and CREATION

Food Presentations by “Aomori Seiho Society”, the Japanese cuisine master chef group with a history of 90 years knowing all about cooking ingredients in Aomori.
In the theme of “Aomori Tea-Ceremony Dishes – the best way to savor Aomori rice – ”, the visitors fully appreciated the delicious Aomori food including Aomori rice such as “Seiten-no-hekireki”, “Tsugaru-roman”, ”Masshigura”, and “Hokkarin”.

Aomori Seiho Society

Hitoshi Hatakenaka

Cuisine Hatazen/ Hitoshi Hatakenaka

Tsutomu Ozaki

Apple Palace Aomori /Japanese Cuisine Cooking Division Chef Tsutomu Ozaki

Masaichi Kon

Hotel Aomori /Japanese Cuisine Head Chef Masaichi Kon

Yoshihito Tateda

Hamazushi Yoshibe / Yoshihito Tateda

Kazuhito Suzuki

Aomori Kokusai Hotel / Japanese Cuisine Head Chef Kazuhito Suzuki

Aomori Tea-Ceremony Dishes – the best way to savor Aomori rice



Rice “Seiten-no-hekireki” One-Scoop Rice


Soup Kenoshiru


Side Dish Kelp-flavored “Kokanee” from Towada Lake



  • Marinated in Sake Lees and Grilled Abarone from Sai-Village, Shimokita
  • Hachinohe Mackerel Small Sushi
  • Sake-Steamed Fujitsubo Barnacles
  • Baked Crabapple Stuffed with Salmon
  • Green Onion Rolled “Silver Duck” from Oirase-Town, stuffed with Black Garlic
  • Salted Fish Guts Flavored Grill of “Apios Aged at Chilled Temperatures” from
    Sai-Village, Shimokita
  • Wheat Gluten Canape with Noheji Turnip Mousse

Simmered Food Soymilk Skin Roll of “Hokkarin” Rice and Aomori Flounder


As Browned Rice in Hot Water  “Tsugaru-roman” Rice Porridge with Abalone Liver
Pickles Noheji Turnip Pickles


Dessert “Masshigura” Mousse
Tea Green Tea